16 Jan 2014

Thanks for reading

A new year means a new a new project and in my case a complete web overhaul!

The makeup-lifestyle blog will no longer be in use, as instead I'm focusing on my new website www.hestershandmadehome.com.

Those of you that have followed me for a while will be familiar with the HestersHomemadeHome segment on the blog, these craft post were getting increasingly more popular so it was time to separate them from the makeup-lifestyle blog.
Cue a small rename (its no longer HomemadeHome but HandmadeHome) and a whole new format as I now do video's as well!
Subscribe to my YouTube channel and you will get a new craft tutorial every Thursday, yes you're right EVERY Thursday, that is 52 videos a year :)
Have a look, like and subscribe www.youtube.com/handmadehome

The HestersHandmadeHome website will besides the weekly tutorials also feature craft projects, beautiful inspiring photos and mouth watering recipes.

You still want to keep informed about my latest publications and makeup shoots?  Have a look on the www.byhester.org website every now and then.

Thanks for reading this blog over the last two years and hope to welcome you on my new website and channel!!


19 Nov 2013

Brown Bear Coffee

There's a new coffee company on the block and its good!! Well if you use a super cute bear cub as your company's logo you must be OK ;)

As you might know I love my coffee, I even rate my work places by how good a cup they serve ;)
I new coffee brand is always welcome and especially one that designs their product as lovely as this one. Brown Bear Coffee opened earlier this year and I know about them as they started following me on Twitter (see social media works!) Intrigued by the little bear cub I had a look on their website and liked what I saw.
The Brown Bear web is well designed and they have a lovely product choice as well as lots of coffee info.

I finally came round ordering my first batch last week and have a look what arrived in the post.
I went for the Christmas Blend and the Blue Mountain ground coffee. I'm leaving the Christmas blend closed till December but am currently drinking my first cup of Blue Mountain and I can tell you its delicious!
Blue Mountain is a good everyday coffee, its sweetness and maltiness comes through well as an espresso. But if you're like me and enjoy a splash of warm milk in your brew, you will then taste the caramel and toffee notes that develop by adding milk, There is plenty of choice on the Brown Bear web to fulfil all your coffee needs. There a coffee-guide if you need a bit of help, and they even have a coffee club for if you regularly want to have your coffee pushed through your letter box.
I think Brown Bear coffee will make for a great Christmas present and at £3.99 a bag will not break the bank. You can currently buy Brown Bear coffee on their web or in the Amazon store.
Happy brewing!

11 Nov 2013

ByHester shop update

I've spend today updating the ByHester shop with all  my new products!!

Go have a look here for my new cake decorations, bunting (also an outdoor style!), bracelets, necklaces and cookie cutters. 
My new collection of Christmas decorations made its debut at the Farmers Market this weekend, they will appear in the shop soon. Will keep you posted!

Want a sneak peak of the Christmas decorations??
Okay because you asked nicely here a picture :)

29 Oct 2013

Tea for two

How sweet is the tea for two story in the the latest Harrods magazine?!
Shot by Richard Truscott, styling by Becky Branch and Hair and makeup by me.
Love it!!

26 Oct 2013

Autumn Spiced Coffee

You know the seasons are changing when certain big coffee chains start selling their pumpkin spiced coffee drinks. There is something about the taste of coffee and cinnamon that is so warming to the soul, love love love!! Did you know they are dead easy to make at home? You can of course buy/make a spiced syrup but they are chock full of sugar, not to good for you. Its better (and easier) to just add the spices to your ground coffee. I like making my coffee in a French press but this works perfect in a filter as well.

 Put your ground coffee in your press and per 2 cups add 1 tsp ground cinnamon, 1tsp ground nutmeg, 1/2 tsp ground ginger and a 1/4 tsp ground clove. Pour your water on top, stir and let brew for a few minutes.
You can add sugar and milk to taste, I like drinking my coffee with lots of hot, foamy milk.
How easy is this?! If you like it a lot why not pre-mix your spices and keep them in a little jar next to your coffee maker? Enjoy!